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Regulations K42 Italia 2018

Art. 1 - Organization.
The Organizing Commitee of K42 Italia, composed by AISIM Association, AICS Rieti, A.S.D. Romatletica Footworks and A.S.D. Terminillo Trail, in collaboration with the National Alpine and Cave Rescue Corps, the CAI of Rieti and with the support of municipality of Rieti, Cantalice, Cittaducale, Leonessa, Micigliano and Poggio Bustone organizes the 4th edition of K42 Italia that will be held in July 6, 7 and 8 in Pian de’ Valli (RI).

Art. 2 - General informations and races.

K42 Italia is part of an international off-road marathon and half marathon network called K42 Series (, more precisely races of trail running on paths immersed in the nature from the most different landscape contexts, where nature is always dominant.

Three competitive events are provided:

K42 ITALIA: Competitive trail of 44 km 3310 mD+

K21 Terminillo Leonessa: Competitive trail of 22 km 1200 mD+

KSprint: Competitive trail of 4,8 km 520 mD+

It is possible to sign up to both K42 Italia and KSprint races, with a special price and participate to KChallenge. The final classification will be calculated as the sum of two times.

The K42 Italia race is valid as a stage of the K42 Series international circuit and as a National Championship K42 AICS.

Furthermore, a free and non-competitive hiking stroll will be held to the discovering of Terminillo’s mountain peak opened to all (10,5km 935mD+); the KKids, series of Mini-Trail divided by age group: a track of 1,4 km 80 mD+ from 11 to 14 years old, and lower distances for the youngest.

All the routes of this event follows paths, forest roads and asphalt routes of Rieti’s Mountains.

Art. 3 - Path.

The path of K42 Italia traverses some mountain trails that need attention and steadfastness, especially in the “technical” stretch slopes or in the short ridge stretches.
Generally, the itinerary is characterized by trails and mountain lanes, irregular land, natural obstacles, water stretches which will all complicate the race in a natural setting such that of the Appenninic mountain.

There are no passages that present mountaineering difficulties.

In the most dangerous cross points staff members will be present. We invite you to remember that the crossing on routes opened to the traffic must be done taking into consideration the traffic laws and with due attention of each athlete.

The whole itinerary will be signed with flags, two-coloured signaling tape and indications on the route with biodegradable varnish.

For security and logistic requirements, the itinerary might be subject of variations not included in the road-book. Anyway, those variations will be pointed out in locus and/or during the briefing pre-race

To download track info and altimetry see the official website

Art. 4 – Races programme, timetable and deadline.

Friday July 6th from 14:00 to 22:00: opening of KVillage in Pian de’ Valli square in Terminillo to pick up the bibs. During the evening, various entertainment activities are planned for all athletes and their companions.

Saturday July 7th

 10:00 – KVillage opening
 15:30 – KSprint pre-race briefing
 16:00 – KSprint start and following KSprint prize-giving ceremony
 19:00 – K42 Italia and K21 Terminillo Leonessa pre-race briefing
 22:00 – KVillage closure

Sunday July 8th

 07:00 – KVillage opening, K42 Italia e K21 Terminillo Leonessa athletes meeting and compulsory material inspection
 08:30 – K42 Italia and K21 Terminillo Leonessa pre-race briefing
 09:00 – K42 Italia and K21 Terminillo Leonessa start and then start of the hiking stroll
 10:45 – K21 Terminillo Leonessa first arrivals (Leonessa)
 11:00 – KKids start then juniors prize-giving ceremony
 12:40 – K42 Italia first arrivals
 14:00 – K21 Terminillo Leonessa last arrivals and race closing (Leonessa)
 15:00 – K42 Italia e K21 Terminillo Leonessa prize-giving ceremony
 18:00 – last arrivals and KVillage closure

The collection of the bib numbers is at the KVillage which will be set up in Piazza Pian de' Valli from 14:00 to 20:00 on Friday July 6th and from 10:00 to 20:00 on Saturday July 7th. Exceptionally it will be possible to check the compulsory material, collect the bib and the race pack in the morning until 08:00.

Participation in the pre-race briefing, during which some route indications and the necessary safety instructions will be provided, is mandatory.

The maximum time of K42 Italia is fixed in 9 hours; the competition will end at 18:00 on Sunday 8 July.

Along the route are checkpoints and refreshments as indicated in the road book.

A time gate is set at the checkpoint Laghetto della Croce (km 26) at 2.30 pm. All athletes who will pass after the deadline will be excluded from the race.

Art. 5 - Participation requirement.

To enter the race is necessary:

  • To be adult and to possess a valid medical agonistic certificate (belonging to a FIDAL or other Promotional Sports Institutions recognized by CONI);
  • To be fully aware of the length and difficulty of the race and to be trained to deal with it. To enrol the K42 Italia qualifying races are not necessary, but it is advisable to have participated in other long trails;
  • To have steadfastness on the paths and a suitable clothing;
  • To don’t make use of dope, neither be disqualified for doping;
  • To understand and accept what is reported in this regulation.

The athletes who wish to register for K42 Italy or KSprint and who are not members of FIDAL or any recognized Sports Association can participate by paying an additional fee of € 5 for insurance purposes.

Art. 6 – Medical certification.

For Italian athletes, it is mandatory to deliver a copy of the valid competitive medical certificate for "athletics" activities. Participation in K42 or KSprint will not be allowed by presenting only the FIDAL card (or other sports promotion association), not accompanied by a medical certificate. Alternatively, it is mandatory to send the declaration on headed paper of the company or institution of affiliation, signed by the president certifying the regularity of the enrollment for the current year and for the health protection regulations (medical certificate currently in force).

Foreign athletes will have send a certificate filled, stamped and signed by a doctor, whose model can be downloaded from the site

Art. 7 - Registration.

The registration fee is fixed in:

  • K42 Italia: € 35,00 (thirtyfive) for entries made before 24:00 on April 8, 2018. After that date the fee will be € 45.00
  • K21 Terminillo Leonessa: € 20,00 (twenty) for entries made before 24:00 on April 8, 2018. After that date the fee will be € 25.00
  • KSprint: € 10,00 ((ten) for entries made before 24:00 on April 8, 2018. After that date the fee will be € 15.00
  • KChallenge: € 40 (forty) for entries made before 24:00 on April 8, 2018. After that date the fee will be € 50.00
  • Hiking stroll: € 10,00 (ten)
  • KKids: € 5,00 (five)

The teams receive a free bib number for every 10 athletes registered for competitions of the same distance.

The registration for K42 Italia will close on July 4th 2018. For other distances it will be possible to register also at the KVillage up to one hour before race start.

Registrations must be made online by accessing the website and following the appropriate instructions.

It is possible to transfer the bib number to another suitable athlete after payment of 10.00 euros for administrative fees.

There are no reimbursement methods, but it will be possible to move the fee already paid to the 2019 edition, by sending an e-mail to the organizers by the registration deadline and subject to payment of 10.00 € for administrative fees.

In case of interruption or cancellation of the race due to weather conditions or for any other reason independent from the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.

Art. 8 - Race bib.

The bib is delivered personally to each athlete, upon presentation of an identification card and following compulsory material checks, on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 July 2018 at the KVillage. The bib is personal and non-transferable, for no reason it can be modified or folded and must be worn visibly for the duration of the race.

Art. 9 - Semi-self-sufficiency and assistance in the race.

The race takes place in a semi-self-sufficient regime.

Every athlete must bring with him, from the start, everything he needs to be self-sufficient. The refreshment must be consumed in the defined area of the refreshment point.

In order to limit the production of waste, there are no plastic cups for refreshments or in any case they will be reduced to a minimum, so it is advisable that every competitor has a container to drink with.

The race also takes place on roads open to traffic. Although the presence of volunteers in dangerous intersections and main crossroads is foreseen, not all the route will be manned. Therefore self-sufficiency also implies autonomous "navigation" and respect for the traffic laws.

Assistance to athletes by family members or teams is only possible at the refreshment points, in the areas used for the purpose and on the recommendation of the refreshment manager. The accompaniment in the race is forbidden.

Art. 10 - Equipment, compulsory and optional material.

It is important to know that in case of emergency need, due to the morphology of the territory or the weather conditions of the moment it may take a long time for the rescuers to reach you. In this scenario, safety depends on the material you have in your backpack.

At the start of the race and at the departure from each refreshment point it is mandatory to have the following material with you:

  • race bib with clearly visible number
  • at least half a liter of liquids
  • clothing suitable for mountain (trail shoes, technical clothing)
  • mobile phone with registered organization numbers
  • thermal blanket
  • emergency whistle
  • windproof / rainproof jacket

At the start and along the route, sample checks will be carried out on the compulsory material.

In case of particular weather conditions the Organization can change the compulsory material, in this case it will be given adequate communication to the competitors.

Disqualification is foreseen in case of refusal to undergo the control.

Disqualification is foreseen in case of lack of compulsory safety material.

It is strongly recommended to start having the following material with you:

  • food supply
  • ecological cup / glass
  • light gloves

The use of poles is allowed on the condition that must be kept from the start until the finish line. It is forbidden to have them carried or leave them along the way.

The use of transports is forbidden.

Athletes should strictly adhere to the marked race route and avoid taking shortcuts.

Art. 11 - Security and control.

Members of the Organisation, the Alpine Rescue Team and the Civil Protection, in constant contact with Race HQ, will be positioned along the race route.

During all the event in the arrival area and at the Leonessa check point there are ambulances with a doctor on board and paramedics, ready to intervene. Other rescue vehicles are located in appropriate areas near the route.

Checkpoints are set up along the route, where members of the organization monitor the passage of the athletes. Keep the bib always well visible on the chest or leg.

In the event of an accident, the injured or in difficulty runner can request assistance from the organization:

  • going at an official checkpoint
  • calling one of organization’s numbers
  • asking to another runner to call for rescue

It is due and obligatory to provide assistance to all the people in need and, if necessary, to notify the rescuers. In the event that a competitor has lost time to assist another injured or in difficulty contestant, he can request the Race Jury to reduce the time taken on the official standings.

To safeguard your safety, all athletes deemed in psycho-physical conditions unfit for continuation will be stopped.

The organization reserves the right to carry out checks at any point without notice.

Art. 12 - Abandonment of the race.

Except in the case of serious injuries, a competitor must withdraw only at one of the manned points indicated in the road book. In any case the competitor must immediately return the bib to the organization. If necessary, an organization’s vehicle will bring the competitor back to the arrival area at Pian de' Valli. Depending on the conditions of the race and the point of the route where the pick-up takes place, the transport times may be very long. The withdrawn runner is no longer under the control of the organization.

In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the consequent start of the runner's research, every expense deriving will be charged to the rider himself.

If the activation of 118 (first aid service), including the possible use of a helicopter, is necessary, the expenses arising from the intervention of structures external to those of the organization, both before, during and after can not be attributed to the organization itself.

Art. 13 - Prizes and services.

Each competitor regularly registered for K42 Italia is entitled to the race pack.

Furthermore, registration for the race entitles to:

  • Race bib
  • Timing
  • Refreshments during the race
  • KBreakfast and Pasta-party at the end

There are no cash prizes.

The first three absolute entries for the Male and Female categories, the youngest M and F, the less young M and F and the team with the most finisher will be awarded.

Art. 14 - Penalty - disqualification.

The race marshals present on the route and the "chiefs" of the control and refreshment points are obliged to enforce the regulation and, in case of non-compliance, to apply a penalty or disqualification. In any case the decisions will be taken in agreement with the Race Jury.

The Race Jury is composed of:

  • the Race Director
  • the coordinator responsible for security
  • the head of the medical team
  • the chiefs of the checkpoints of the area in question
  • by all the competent persons appointed by the president of the Organizing Committee

The jury is authorized to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all claims or disqualifications occurred during the race. The decisions taken are without appeal.

Art. 15 - Complaints.

All complaints must be made in writing, deposited at the race co-ordination with a deposit of € 50.00 (fifty euros/00), not refundable if the complaint won't be accepted, within the maximum time of one hour from the end of the race.

Art. 16 - Insurance.

The organization takes out liability insurance for the entire period of the event. Each participant is advised to have their own personal insurance covering the participation in events with accident coverage, travel and evacuation costs.

NB: helicopter evacuation in Italy is subject to charges.

Art. 17 - Environment.

Competitors must behave in a manner that respects the environment, in particular by avoiding waste, collecting flowers and harassing wildlife.

Disqualification is foreseen in case of voluntary abandonment of waste along the route.

K42 Italia complies with the Spirito Trail Magazine campaign “I don’t leave rubbish after me”.

Art. 18 - Changes to the route and time barriers - cancellation of the race.

The organization reserves the right to change at any time the route or location of the rescue and refreshment points without notice. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, which jeopardize the safety of the participants, the departure can be postponed or canceled; the organization, in case of bad weather, also reserves the right to suspend the current race or to change its barriers. In any case, the registration fee will not be refunded. Each decision will be taken by the Race Jury.

Art. 19 - Rights to the images.

The images obtained during the event may be used by the Organization and by the sponsor companies for the purposes of dissemination and publicity of the event and / or products associated with it.

Each competitor expressly renounces the use of the rights to the image during the race as well as waiving any appeal against the Organization and its enabled partners for the use made of its image.

Art. 20 - Sponsor.

The sponsored athletes can expose the logos of the sponsors only on clothing and personal material used during the race. It is forbidden to expose any other advertising accessory (flags, banners ...) anywhere along the route.

Art. 21 - Acceptance of regulation and race ethics.

Participation in K42 Italia or KChallenge implies the unreserved acceptance of this regulation and of the ethics adopted by the organization.

In particular, the competitor declares to:

  • be physically fit for the race and have performed the necessary medical checks;
  • know the characteristics of the route and its geography;
  • be aware of the risks involved in the activity;
  • be acquainted with the difficulties of carrying out rescue operations in some parts of the route;
  • know that there are places that can not be accessed by vehicles, where immediate assistance is severely limited;
  • know the characteristics of the terrain and the possible risks such as distortions, tears and fractures, and that for safety reasons the Organization will give priority to the rescue and evacuation of emergencies and medical urgencies.

By registering the contestants release the Organizers, the Sponsors, the Owners of the lands crossed by the race and the Sponsors from any civil or criminal liability for personal or third parties accidents and / or damage to people or things that may occur before, during and after the race in relation to it.

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